Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back on Track

I finished the little gift I was making yesterday, and I am very pleased with the result. For those knitters out there on ravelry, you can see it here. I will post a photo once the holidays have past. I don't want the surprise ruined. I even impressed myself by mailing it this afternoon. All of my holiday gifts that need to be mailed are gone. Woo Hoo!

I cast-on for my final official gift tonight. I still have another gift I want to knit, but I added it late to the queue. If I finish the last kiddo sweater then I will make it. If not, there is always random "because I love you" gift giving.
Forgotten socks in the yard
The kiddos have been getting a bit stir crazy after several days of rain. We run outside between storms to draw on the driveway, play tag or ride bikes. After a bit we would come back inside to listen to the torrential downpours. Aine was disgusted to find out her chalk creations washed right down the street. I told her it just meant she had a fresh canvas. Today it cleared a bit. We headed to the indoor trampoline place for some homeschool bouncing. It was so nice to go and stretch our bodies.
Watching the chalk pictures melt away
The library was also on the agenda. I truly love getting a big stack of books to read. Everyone found a spot to curl up with their books when we returned home. There are a lot of winter books in the pile which will make the rotation in the next couple weeks. I envision quite a bit of reading tomorrow as well as knitting.
My little garden loved the rain


  1. Fun! we love a good rainy day!

  2. The rainy weather returned for us today. I am sad to see the sun leave but do enjoy curling up with the books and knitting while it rains! I think I need to invest in an indoor trampoline. My little ones needed one of those this morning!

    Cynthia @
    Brambleberries in the Rain

  3. I love the completed gift! So sweet!