Monday, December 05, 2011

The Slightest Twinge

It lasted only a brief moment, but I had a flash of holiday stress last night. I started to worry about finishing my nieces' and nephew's gifts in time for my parents to hand carry them this week. Not to mention a birthday gift that is needed for a special someone in that family as well. I wondered if I could squeeze in a little time to gather, sort and create a photobook to take advantage of a twofer deal by Monday evening. When would I be able to sew a few gifts that I really want to give this year. And what about my poor chilly spouse who could use a bit of wool to keep him warm. And that final kiddo sweater.
Sheesh! it was a big flash of panic, but I shrugged it off. Truly what will happen. The world will not end if I have to buy something for the people I love. They will still know I care even if I do not give handmade. I prefer giving gifts of thought that I create, but it will all be okay.
So, I returned to knitting while surrounded on the floor by my children who were also immersed in their own creations. We talked about what gifts they wanted to make and how we could make them. So much planning, preparing and togetherness. This is what I love.


  1. you are just amazing and so inspiring. :)

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I know that feeling! And also know how hard it is to let it go. But you did! We can! Such relief. I think this is the first year that I'm managing it...both to make most of my gifts and to let the stress go. Aaaah...