Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Customer Service

I am a sucker for good customer service. When newly married, I shopped exclusively at Safeway for quite awhile due to their amazing customer service. Their employees would help you with anything. What do you need? Let me find that for you. At times I was afraid to ask for something, because I was sure they were running to their cars to find it at the nearby store!
I continue to be lured by good customer service. The way a customer is treated will keep them as your customer. Often businesses forget that I can walk away and spend my money elsewhere. Small businesses seem to know this. My husband frequents the same bagel shop at home because it is independently owner and the owner is now his friend. Why? Because the staff took the time to remember my husband and greet him. Such simple things.
Recently after receiving the replacement computer, I realized my iTunes was now empty. Not a big deal at first. Due to my buying history through Apple, I could easily replace those items. The piece missing, though, were our audiostories. At the end of last year I signed our family up for Sparkle Stories. My children really enjoy these tales. Initially I was just going to subscribe for the $1 trial month. I figured that would be enough. Nope. My kiddos wanted more, so we have continued our subscription and even given the subscription as a gift to family. Now the stories were gone.

I contacted Lisabeth at Sparkle Stories to see if there was any way to retrieve them. She quickly and kindly replied. Yes, she could help. After a few days, she sent me a file with all 24 missing stories!! This was a huge task for her, and she did it with aplomb. This morning, I downloaded the files, and we now have our complete set again. My kiddos will be so pleased when they find out.

Why am I telling you this? It all boils down to customer service. If she had scoffed and told me tough luck, I would have understood. It was a big request. However, she told me she thought she could help and did. She was prompt with her replies and helpful. I do hope her family business continues to flourish and expand. We do love the stories and now the company.

(the photos have nothing to do with Sparkle Stories-the kiddos took these yesterday)


  1. What a wonderful post Heather. I feel the same way about customer service. I like dealing with people I know, people who know my family and we have a history with. I have been known to leave a store and shop else where when employees are rude and unhelpful. Really, it doesn't take anymore energy to be nice instead of ugly. I think I need to visist Sparkle Stories.

  2. i feel the same heather, and on the other side, i work in retail so i try to always keep aware of the importance of this. sometimes it is hard when people can be so very ungracious. kindess definetly goes both ways. i'm so glad you were able to work it out and retrieve your stories. a very happy ending!

  3. i feel the same way. and i keep hearing about sparkle stories...must investigate.

  4. Hmm, I have resisted urge to buy these stories for the kids! Maybe soon we will give them a try :) Katherine looked at pictures on your blog for...a long time yesterday!

  5. I'm a stickler/sucker for customer service also. unfortunately (but maybe fortunately for my bank account), our local yarn stores seriously lack good customer service, and as a result, I do very little knitting. must check out sparkle stories!