Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cider, Donuts and Snake Mounds

Since arriving in Michigan, the kiddos and I have spent quite a bit of time with their cousins. One adventure we shared was a visit to a local cider mill. Throughout my childhood, my parents took us to many u-pick locations. I loved picking apples with my family. I only have fond memories. My husband's family did not go apple picking. Instead they went to the cider mill. So that is where we headed.
The kiddos couldn't remember going for cider and donuts a few years ago, so the trip was full of new. The addition of friends was a bit bonus. The kiddos explored the surrounding canal first. We saw fish and crawfish in the waters as a couple dragonflies whirred in the air. The play soon became wet as Eamon and his cousin began making mud balls with the hopes of having a battle. Aine and Benton began work on a city complete with elevated roads. Aine then began work with her aunt on an elaborate snake. Her aunt told of the serpent mounds in Ohio, which we had never heard of. The snake even has a nest complete with mud ball eggs.
With sandy bodies and growling bellies, we headed back into the mill for cider and donuts. The kiddos loved them. With sugared mouths more play ensued climbing on a wagon and pretending to drive. I would say that even without the donuts, it was a success. I am so glad since the apple crop was hit with a late frost, and I don't think we will be apple picking this year.


  1. what a lovely day. so sad about the apple crop.

  2. happy day. love the snake and her nest and cider donuts...mmmm...

  3. Looks like a perfect weather day! Love the photos of them playing in the sand. I think it's nice that you are spending lots of time with family, it makes me miss mine!