Monday, September 10, 2012

Traipsing through the Past

Although it has been quiet here online, we have been busy. The past two weekends have included excursions south to Ohio to visit with my dad's extended family. Over these weekends both sides of his family have held reunions. Since we were in the area it made perfect sense to attend.
The kiddos were delighted to see their grandparents so far from home. We exchanged hugs and caught them up on our adventures promising to be back in Arizona soon. It was so much fun to visit with my aunt and her family. I haven't seen my two cousins in a couple years. There was a whole lot of laughing and a bit of snorting. (Yes, I snort when I laugh). I spoke with my great aunts and gave best wishes for an upcoming 90th birthday. I was amazed that one of them remembered me and marveled at ninety people gathered to celebrate family.

The kiddos ran and played with distant relatives. They played on climbing equipment, conquered huge dirt mounds, caught footballs, shot baskets, played lawn darts and had all sorts of fun. Aine "found" an antler. Benton shot baskets on the shoulders of a new found friend. Eamon lifted bowling pins pumping up his muscles, hoping to improve his game. They even created a worm habitat with help from the older generations.
As the kiddos and I talked about the reunions, I started remembering the past. I recalled the last cousin picnic held in 1980. I played with twin girls who I thought were amazing. I had a trick for telling them apart - one had on an izod belt. So easy. They were at the reunion as well, only much taller. I shared the story of my dad's double cousins and how my grandparents' two families grew up close to one another. My grandmother's youngest brother told of riding the school bus together with my grandfather's sisters. I remembered those who were here in the past especially my grandmother and a special great aunt who could braid my hair like no one else. We looked at photos including one from 1980. Aine wondered who the little girl was who looked like her (and was surprised when I shared that it was me). I was amazed at how young my parents looked. And my grandmother. They were just babies!
We stopped by my grandmother's old house and then my old house on the way home. So many stories were shared. I loved my childhood in Michigan running around exploring and I am glad I could share it with my kiddos.


  1. that is funny about the pictures. i saw you in that photo and thought Aine looks sooo much like you!
    you make me want to get back to oregon and visit all of my extended family. it has been so long since i saw everyone.

  2. I saw you and I kept saying "Wait.. that is Aine!" Wow.. amazing! :)

    So glad you all made it safely to Michigan and were able to visit family while in this neck of the woods. :)