Tuesday, October 30, 2012


The weekend was spent finalizing costumes. One stop at the thrift store, and we were set. Well, almost. We still needed a pair of cowboy boots, which were found four stores later. I think Aine and I skipped when we spotted them on the rack at Ross. She was beaming when we discovered that they fit and were within the budget. Success. Everyone was happy.

As soon as we arrivgd home, the clothing was washed. Once clean those costumes were donned and have been worn almost every minute since. The kiddos can hardly wait for trick or treating tomorrow night. To make the wait a bit more bearable we have enjoyed parties with friends and a bit of candy corn Rice Krispies.


  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Citrus zest in RKT. What a great idea! And slightly better than my plan of using Fruity Pebbles :)

  2. I am quite behind on blog reading and comments...I did notice that you are back in Arizona now, so welcome back! I love those candy corn rice crispies! Sucy a clever idea. Enjoy Halloween with your family!

  3. Have a wonderful time tonight and enjoy every bite of those rice crispie treats, they really do look good!

  4. I loved the rice crispies and both my big kids are dreaming of cowboy and cowgirl costumes since being inspired by Aine's costume. She is the perfect cowgirl this year!