Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcoming Autumn

The temperatures have begun to dip in Arizona. We have been experiencing cooler morning and highs in the 80s. The feel of fall is definitely here. To celebrate the season, we headed to the Desert Botanical Garden with our homeschooling friends for the annual Pumpkin Festival.
After playing a few games, we hopped on the hayride. A hayride in the desert is quite a different experience, but my kiddos know nothing else. With a quick run through the maze, they set about finding the perfect pumpkin. I had vivid memories of last year in my head, so I reminded them to find a pumpkin they could carry back to the car. Last year we had two gigantic pumpkins weighing down the stroller eliciting grins from everyone we passed.
Circa 2011 with our huge pumpkins
Aine and Eamon found big pumpkins again, but assured me they could carry them. I think a year has made everyone a bit bigger and more able to handle the large pumpkins. I found this picture from last year and compared it to now. The pumpkin still looks pretty big.



Benton spent quite a bit of time decorating his smaller pumpkin. He was quite pleased with the result. The other two did not want to spend time at the decorating table. Aine drew a face on her pumpkin, which she plans to carve next week. Eamon is still plotting his design.

 After listening to the band a bit and taking in the event with friends, we headed back to the car. The temperature was getting a bit warm and we were ready for lunch. The kiddos love this tradition and I am glad we have friends to share it.


  1. :) that was fun.

  2. love the bales of hay, I assume it is a maze? if not it should be! WE have cornstalk mazes around here but have never done one. My kids did them as teenagers, at night, with flashlights, with other teenagers :) Now that would be FUN if I was a teenager.

    Your pumpkin is so nicely decorated, have a great weekend!!

  3. I love seeing your children in short sleeves with pumpkins,it makes me feel less alone ;) We dropped to 78 degrees today and I was so excited, I am tired of 80's.