Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Pacific Northwest

Friends of ours moved to Portland a year and a half ago and have been wanting us to visit. It finally happened on our trip home. I have never been to the Northwest and was pleasantly surprised by the depth of green and beautiful surroundings. I am not sure how I would do living in such a place as I would miss our Arizona sunshine, but it was a fantastic place to visit.
On the way into town, we stopped at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center. It was a great introduction to the area's landscape and history. We sat through a talk on falcons and were able to learn a bit about the Red Tailed Hawk, American Kestrel and Great Horned Owl. After the talk and viewing of the live birds, we continued through the exhibits and the trails outside. We saw a large osprey nest, hands-on displays relating to Lewis and Clark and an area for children.
The trails outside were beautiful. The day was overcast, and we just escaped the rain as we walked. The kiddos found many colored leaves as well as fish in a nearby pond. The river was beautiful as it coursed past the center.

We left the gorge and drove into Portland. My friend and I escaped for a bit to see the town (including TWO yarn stores). While visiting we ate locally and drank a bit of beer. It was a great visit, although it was too short. We are making plans to visit again. And yes, she wants us to move there!

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