Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Click, click, click

I must admit that my Leaves of Grass blanket and I had a falling out. I felt it was betraying my work and not allowing me to make progress. Why, oh, why did that first skein continue to sit there plump and full despite my knitting needles furiously pumping through the first two charts and then part of the third. I was mad and disappointed. One friend suggested it just might take longer than a day or two. She went so far as to say I should enjoy the process. Phffttt. So I set it aside, grumpy and plain, old mad.

After a couple flings with mittens, hats and even the beginnings of a sock, I picked it back up this weekend. Oh my, how the love has returned. With a click, click, click of my needles, it is coming together so nicely. I managed to knit my way out of the six repeats of Chart C and am smoothly sailing through Chart D. Only the edging will be left. I am truly loving this project. It is growing bigger and more beautiful with each row. I am halfway through the first repeat of Chart D and am amazed at the beauty. With my needles on fire I even went so far as to time myself knitting a row. Definitely un-scientific, but with the distractions of my normal knitting life it takes 20 minutes to knit a row. That means I can finish this by my birthday next month if I knit around 6 rows a day. Two hours of knitting is usually a crazy proposition, but 20 minutes here and there is totally doable. Squeee!!! I am very excited.

With my new found love of my knitting project, I have been reading less this week. The beauty of the audiobook has replaced the more traditional pages. I started the second half of Coming Home this week. Despite the romance-style cover, I am enjoying this book. It is a good story about a young girl as she grows up in war-torn England. I would recommend it. The kiddos and Dave are reading A Dog's Life: The Autobiography Of A Strayin the evenings. They really like it and are halfway through it. We also are reading Redwall and Eamon just started Danger Goes Berserk (Brixton Brothers).

Have you ever fallen out of love with a project only to rediscover it? If not, you may want to check your WIP basket. I am betting you may just find a little something in there that only needs a bit more attention which you will love.

[I have no idea what those bud-type pods are. Aine found and collected a pile at the park today. Does anyone else know? And yes, we have started a new puzzle. We are still working on the edges.]


  1. Can you describe the pods a little Heather, I can't quite make them out, are they smooth or fuzzy?

    Your Leaves is going to be beautiful! I have yet to start which is a shame because it sounds like such fun knit.

    1. fuzzy. I think they are leaf or flower buds, but my kiddos tell me I am wrong. Another mom suggested gingko.

  2. Beautiful blanket! And I know what you mean about falling out of love with a project and then rediscovering it. Sometimes just figuring out how it will fit into the rhythms of the rest of your day (like 20 minutes here and there!) is all it takes to take a project that seems like a chore and turn it into a treat again! -- Kathy at

  3. Oh definitely. I had a fight with some mitts and then everything was cool. Love your blanket. We have pistachios everywhere around here too!

  4. Your shawl is so beautiful! Hurry up and knit that edging so we can see it blocked!!!

  5. I have four projects that I need to love again...Your blanket is stunning! I cannot wait to see it finished!

  6. i can't wait to see it when you get back. :)

  7. Love. Really. So pretty. Can't wait to see it finished!

  8. it's looking gorgeous heather, it's almost done!