Monday, May 17, 2010

She Loves It

Today was a productive day.  Although I did not finish until 1am, it was worth it.  I was able to make a dress/tunic for Aine from IKEA fabric.  It is a black and white leaf print which Aine immediately put on with her new black shorts.
(she assured me that her hair was combed, but she had just come out from the bath.  She is also munching a cookie)

I also made a nightshirt(gown) for Eamon.  He has been wanting one, so I crafted it from the same pattern I have been using for Aine's nightgowns/tunics.  I used IKEA fabric in the same print as Aine's dress below.

The best result of the day was the dress I made for Aine from the IKEA dot fabric.  I used an Ottobre pattern from the 3/2008 issue.  It is the tie-back dress, and it is a huge hit.  I did not finish under the wee hours of the night, so I hung the finished result on her doorknob.  She immediately put it on and modeled for photos.  She LOVES it.  A big plus is it spins.  I am sure she will be wearing it a lot this summer.

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  1. Great sewing! Makes me wish I could figure out patterns.

    My son would also like a night shirt/gown...