Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have decided to clean out some knitting UFO's. It began when I needed to clean my craft area and discovered quite a few of my Grandmother's unfinished work. I began to fret that the legacy I would leave for my children would be mounds of yarn and good intentions. I don't have that many UFOs - a doll intended for my niece's 2nd birthday(she is now 5), a pair of socks, a February Lady Sweater, and another cardigan. I do have a lot of yarn though.

So far the doll is finished, and I am 60% done with the socks. I plan to finish the socks by the end of May and make some decisions about those sweaters.

The abundance of yarn is another story. I will reevaluate it based on my knitting progress this year. I think I can make a significant dent if I keep my knitting mojo.

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