Friday, May 14, 2010

Two and One

One nightgown/dress and two pairs of shorts completed today.  Aine has requested more of the nightgown/dresses.  She really likes this one with miniature skulls (fabric by Michael Miller).  She has worn it since it came off the machine.  I finished a pair of elastic waist linen shorts to wear with it when we leave the house as it is a bit short.  She insists it is best solo, so I may have to make another shirt for the shorts.  I have some black and white IKEA fabric in mind for the shirt.

Eamon loves his red horseshoe shorts.  He thinks they are very comfortable pj bottoms.  I made them big and long as per his request.  He wants a nightgown now, so I will see what we can find in the fabric pile for him.


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  2. Pictures added. They aren't the best as my models were otherwise occupied.