Friday, April 22, 2011

A Crazy New Game

Aine loves to play games. Recently her aunt and uncle gave her Pass the Pigs. Her aunt thought she would love it, however she was not particularly impressed with the game at first. She used the pigs mostly in her play. I would find them scattered around the house. She used the small stub of a pencil to draw or write notes. The game as packaged was not played.
Today this all changed. I pulled out the game and asked if she wanted to play. I read the directions to her, and we laughed our way through several rounds. It was such fun to gamble on each roll deciding when to quit and when to roll again. We would moan when we lost all our points or laugh at the crazy pig positions. Aine was also quite pleased with herself as she added up her scores. She quickly mastered the different scoring options based on pig landings. Her infectious laughter lured her brothers as well. She chortled that it was the best game EVER. I would say it is definitely a winning game despite her initial misgivings about it


  1. I love new games to check out!!

  2. HA!!! Tell her NEVER to doubt her Aunt Cathy ever again!!! I KNEW she'd love it!! :D Glad to know that she's enjoying it and finds it as funny as I do! It's one of my favorites!

  3. Pass the Pigs is by far one of our favorite games in our home. We cannot stop laughing when playing!