Monday, April 18, 2011

The Season has Begun

The wait has been so long. I wasn't sure they could wait much longer. In the past few weeks, the stirrings began again. "Mama, when can we go to the pool?" Finally this weekend the day came, and our family ushered in the swimming season.

The taller people in the house did not swim, but anyone under 8 years of age did not hesitate. Aine fearlessly jumped right into the water after testing it on the steps.
Eamon was bit more reticent gently easing his body into the water inch by slow inch. Once acclimated, he jumped in making huge splashes.
Benton explored the step area fully submerging his body. He put his head under and blew bubbles. He monkey crawled a bit along the wall as well. He spent a bit of time looking at his big brother and sister. He yearns to join them in the deeper water and probably will by season's end.
Give it a month or so and I think I may join them.