Sunday, April 10, 2011

Five on Eight

With such cool, nice weather on the heels of a rainy day, our whole family decided to go for a bike ride. We haven't biked together in a few months, because Dave did not have one. (His bike was stolen from our garage. Of course, we had left the garage door open). Fortunately Dave's aunt recently gave him two bikes that she no longer used. They were a welcome gift. He tuned the bikes up and installed new tubes. We were ready to roll.

As we were preparing to leave, Eamon started eyeing one of the bikes. He has felt that his bike is a bit too small for him. Eamon asked to ride the bigger bike. Dave lowered the seat and handlebars for him. After a quick test ride, we all headed out for the park.

The kids love to ride their bikes. Benton tags along behind me. He likes his bike seat so much better than the bike trailer. I think he can see better and feels like one of the riders. They often chose riding bikes over driving places. On this trip, Aine made sure to remind her daddy of all our traffic rules. She only had to scold him once about riding his bike across a yellow line.

The park was deserted. We were a bit surprised, since the weather was so nice. The three immediately set out for the tire swing. After bellies started to ache, they each scattered. Benton set about digging and pretending to be an excavator and bulldozer. Aine continued her mastery of the monkey bars. Eamon practiced his throwing and kicking of a football. They merged activities helping each other on their respective tasks until they all convened on the monkey bars. They climbed and worked together on the spinning bars and slides.
An excited Aine after mastering the rotating bars
After the discovery of blisters (Aine) and a scratch on an ankle (Benton), we set off for home. The ride home was equally delightful. We arrived hungry for lunch and eager for the rest of the day's adventures.

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  1. Sounds like you had a GREAT day and by the way, it was warmer here than it was there at one point in the evening. Something is upside down!