Thursday, October 27, 2011


Aine, Benton and I took some empty glass containers and a bit of tissue paper and transformed it all into Halloween lanterns. 

First we cut green, orange and black tissue paper into squares and rectangles. Aine and I tried to make them 1-2 inches square for easier application. While Aine finished cutting, I mixed some glue for us to use. I combined equal parts water and glue to make a modge-podge type adhesive.

We each selected our glass jar and set to work. Aine made a witch. I made a pumpkin. Benton freestyled decorating the inside and outside of his jar.
(Eamon's room in the background - he paid me $5 the next day to clean it!)

We had to wash hands a few times as the glue concoction was sticky!
We even decorated the lids.

The containers sat outside overnight to dry. The pumpkin did well with a lighted candle, but the shape of the other containers required battery operated candle-lights. They are sitting in our window sending spooky images out to all who pass.

Happy Halloweeen!!!


  1. LOL! He paid you to clean it - love it! :-) Happy Halloweening :-)

  2. Very pretty lanterns. I love that you were paid to clean the bedroom, I might have to mention that to my guy's! ;)

  3. What a great project! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  4. hey i have that food poster in my kitchen. i like it above the play kitchen. :) i was thinking of doing lanterns like that for martinmas nov. 11, i was thinking of putting some tie wire around them so they could hang up. :)