Monday, October 24, 2011

Yet Another Reason

why I love Ravelry...
This is Aine's stocking. It is the same pattern I used a few years ago when I made one for Benton. Notice the unfinished foot and toe area. I ran out of white yarn. Unfortunately Knitpicks is also out of the white yarn. It is on backorder until 12/31/11. 

Desperate for yarn to finish, I posted on about my dilemma and my search for the white bulky yarn. I had several replies within moments offering me skeins of the yarn. I bought more yarn from a fellow knitter, and it should arrive by the end of the week. With any luck, Aine's stocking will be done by the end of October. Woo Hooo! 


  1. That is a beautiful stocking and it's it wonderful how nice knitter's are?

  2. That's gorgeous! How awesome that you can put out calls for yarn on Ravelry. I've found myself in a pickle this week over that very issue. If only I knew what kind of yarn to ask for, I'd do it, too! :-)

  3. it looks so amazing! and wow! about the yarn. :)