Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing like the last minute

This morning was filled with a flurry of Halloween costume assembly. In years past, the kiddos have changed their minds up until the last minute. This year, they each remained strong about their costume ideas. We had the supplies for each costume, but some assembly was still required.

I pulled out a sewing machine (yes, I own more than one and love each of them). Benton and I worked on his design. He is a puppy this year. Some of you may remember when he was a dog a few years ago.
Halloween 2008 
This year we used black sweats coupled with a black knit hat. I added brown spots and ears. Benton showed me where to put his belly and decided his legs didn't need spots. I found the cat/dog tail in our dress-up bin and attached it to the ensemble. The whole assembly process took under 30 minutes.

The result:

Eamon's costume was a little trickier. He needed a scarecrow head. Burlap was his fabric of choice, but he decided felt was more practical when he felt the burlap on his face. He helped me fashion the hood. Paint was added and the whole outfit is rather macabre. We worked a bit more on it after he posed in the background for this shot.

Aine didn't need any help with her costume today. While the others were involved in a creative fashion, she pulled out the felt scraps to make a crown. She decorated it with paint, ribbon and buttons.
More photos later when we embark on our Halloween 2011 adventures.


  1. I love homemade costumes so much! I can hardly wait to see more pictures.

  2. My goodness-- they're so lucky that you're crafty!!! I can't wait to see the finished costumes!! Hope they had fun (or are currently having fun)- Gus enjoyed his first Halloween despite the cold and rain!! :-)