Saturday, February 11, 2012

At Long Last

Many weeks ago, I pulled out my sewing machine to work on belated holiday gifts. I had a few other sewing projects in mind at the time as well as some the kiddos had dreamed up. I was energized and had a plan. With gusto I finished one of the family quilts. I was on a roll. And then I stopped. After a few days of inactivity, I put away the ironing board and iron. I left the sewing machine hoping it would remind me to sew. It didn't. Instead it just became one with the dining room table.

I kept making excuses. I didn't want to pull out the cutting mat and tracing paper. We were busy with other things. I didn't have time. Finally this week I shrugged off the excuses and did some sewing. I still didn't want to spend loads of time tracing and cutting. I just wanted a quick project to get me back on track. A few buckets seemed the perfect start.

With pirate skull fabric scraps that a friend had given me and a pair of Dave's old jeans, I set to work. The pirate fabric had already been cut into three sets of buckets. I pulled out some batting leftover from a quilt and set to work cutting the jeans. Benton sat on my lap while I sewed the buckets. They were super easy, and I had three in under an hour. My little helper immediately claimed two of the bags. The other was set aside as a gift.

Later while working on the kiddos' computer, I kept muttering about all the games laying around the desk. The disks to games continually find their way to the floor and often fail to work after repeated abuse. While huffing and puffing, I had a moment of clarity and came up with a solution - the third bucket bag. I grabbed the bag and began filling it. The size was perfect and now the games and headset are not strewn about the area. It worked perfectly. The kiddos love it. Best of all I now have my sewing mojo back.


  1. I love the bucket bag made of jeans!!! So cute!!

  2. that is a great idea.

  3. Cool buckets great way to recycle jeans...

    By the way I'm forwarded a versatile blogger award to you...

    Have a lovely day,

  4. How talented you are! So glad you have your mojo back!

  5. Wonderful! And brilliant. And now you'll probably be zooming with delicious ideas!

  6. I wish I could sew as a hobby! It is just not my thing. I love to admire everyone that can and the projects they create. Yours is great!

  7. good on ya.
    my sewing mojo is gone gone.
    dont know when i'll ever get it back. ...

  8. Great job! Those bucket bags are so cool.