Monday, February 13, 2012

I told you

I was reminded this week of a story my sister shared while growing up. I don't have any recall of the memory, but it is quite vivid for her. While getting ready for school she had complained to my mother of a stomach ache. My mom dismissed the complaint as my sister often complained of illness to avoid the unpleasantness of school. My mom bundled her up and sent her off to the school bus. My sister vomited shortly after boarding the bus. My mom then had to picked my very sick sister up from school. The resounding cry then and in the years that have followed was, "I told you."
This week has found us sick in one way or another. A stomach bug pushed aside the familial complaints of sniffles for a few days. Aine was the first to succumb to the illness vomiting on her birthday. When Aine first started complaining of an upset stomach, we had just eaten dinner and copious amounts of cake and ice cream. I dismissed her belly ache as food related. I held her while we watched a movie together. Her complaints continued culminating in a trip to the bathroom. Her first words after becoming ill were, "I told you."
Gifted with a brief window of health on Saturday, the kiddos and I decided to ride our bikes to the park. Usually Benton rides with me. Everyone pulled their bikes out of the garage to check tires including Benton. With helmet in place, he insisted he was going to ride his bike. I tried to gently dissuade him. I told him it may be too far for his legs (around 1.4 miles). He insisted he could do it. I grabbed the bike lock just in case we needed to abandon his mode of transportation part way. Benton rode his bike with finesse tackling the distance in stride. As we approached the park with Benton's little legs furiously pedaling the whole way, he quipped, "I told you."
Yes, my dear kiddos, you told me and reminded me to trust you. Too often I think I know best. Best for you, best for me, best for others. This week was a great reminder that I do not know all. I only know my truths. Thank you for reminding me to trust you to know your truths. If there are mistakes along the way it is only part of our learning, part of the journey. I will listen more closely and trust you each more deeply. I am hopeful that you will not have to tell me "I told you" again.


  1. That event has played out in my home more than once, you think I would learn! I hope everyone is recovered and well in your home!

  2. :) What I like best about those moments is that I have the opportunity to say, again, "you know... I want you to always call me on something when you feel like I'm not listening or am being unreasonable...."


  3. Sometimes the little ones are quite wise! I hope everyone is feeling better!!

  4. It's definitely hard as parents to trust when our little ones will know best!

    Hope everyone is feeling better.

  5. Oh isn't it true. We think we know but we don't always.
    Poor tummies. Hope everyone's feeling better!