Monday, June 25, 2012

Pass the Days

Our weekend was full of:
* metro travel to see my Aunt and Uncle as well as their daughter, my cousin, and her family
* deciding it is almost as cool to sit in the last car as it is too sit in the first
* dining near my cousin's home on yummy antipasto and pizza while crammed around a small table in the corner with 11 people. The laughter was contagious
*singing so loudly as we played this song again and again (someone yesterday mentioned the video. you should watch it, because it is quite cool. also this one).
* laughing at our musical abilities or lack thereof
* getting lost again and again at the Loray Garden Maze
* laughing even more despite the warm day and the confusion
* finding our way out and gathering all four clues
* returning the quarter which was collected from the fountain by eager little four year old hands
* marveling at the wonders 160 feet below the earth
* wishing you could capture the beauty of the caverns and the still, mirror-like effect of the subterranean lake
* panning for rocks and minerals at the museum
* graciously receiving a forged bird hanger from the blacksmith on duty to use in our yard
* watching a movie together based on a convincing recommendation from a small friend (thanks, Grace)
* relaxing together after much busy-ness in the last few weeks
* a solo bus trip to the yarn store in hopes of finding a bit more yarn to finish a mysterious shawl
* happily finding a mini skein in just the right color way and hoping it is enough
* retrieving a couple items from Target along the way
* walking home while enjoying an audiobook and the solitude
* chatting with two of the grandparents
* enjoying a delicious dinner made by Dave featuring green beans, avocado salad and salmon - yum!
* reading stacks of books
* making plans and preparing for the week ahead


  1. Sounds wonderful!

  2. sounds full and fun! what did you and the kids think of the movie?

  3. So much to comment...Love your singing by the's hard to get that song out of your head once you start it's being played all the time over here on the radio. We loved Arietty too...those Studio Ghibley films are lovely family viewing. You might like Ponyo too...if you haven't already watched it. The food all sounds delicious too.

    You packed so much into the weekend...It's amazing you did so much in such a short time. The children are going to have so many happy memories from this summer.

    Hope the rest of the week is just as fun-filled.

  4. Whoops sorry about all the 'too's'

  5. How fun Heather. I especially like the solo trip to the yarn store and am excited to see your shawl. Hope you have had a super day.

  6. I am in love with that garden maze! How fun!! The closest thing I've been in to one of those would be a corn maze they do here locally in the fall. We're still needing to visit the caverns by our house. These pictures are great! (And I really liked the 2nd music video with all of them playing the guitar at once...too cool!!)

  7. Seriously I need a nap after all the things you have going on. But, wow what great things. Your images are beautiful, especially the garden maze!

  8. Love the car singing too :) And love the video for that song!