Sunday, January 26, 2014

Busy Weekends

The past few weeks have been busy. It seems as if the momentum of the year end rolls right through the beginning of the next. Each week as well as weekend in January was filled this year. We had a baby shower, several birthday parties, hiking, visitors, garden box making with Grandma, musical performances, dog obedience classes, lunch dates, and Eamon's last gardening class. This weekend was no exception.

The weekend began with a trip to The Farm at South Mountain. This farm nestled in a pecan grove provided the perfect setting for a few families from our homeschool group to gather. Some ate breakfast  while others arrived later. The kiddos ran through the groves and then gathered at the picnic benches to draw, paint and color. They each crafted some artist trading cards to share. When it came time to trade, Aine decided she loved her design so much, she would keep it. Benton chose to skip much of the artwork and build fairy houses instead complete with pecan hull beds. We then collected a few nuts to take home before heading to another event.

Saturday came very early for Eamon and me. We headed out of town for Eamon's first dog show with 4-H. He currently borrows a leader's dog for class, so he could not compete for ribbons. Although he is eager to start training with our new dog, Jasmine, she is still young. She will start attending 4-H classes this month to get a jump-start on training (she and Eamon go to obedience classes already; this will just be more in depth). For the show, Eamon and I were stewards. Eamon volunteered at the Showmanship and Obedience rings. He called the participants, helped explain the process, showed them the heel course, and helped the judges. I mostly stood to the side and helped when an additional body was needed. My major contribution was standing still acting as a post during the figure 8 exercise. We also helped tally the scores for each member according to the Danish system and watched for any errant dogs during the leash free exercises. Eamon loved it. He cannot wait to participate with his own dog. I think attending this show really helped clarify what he needs to do for 4-H. It took out a lot of the mystery from the process.

Once we returned home, Eamon left with Dave for his date day. They went to dinner and a late movie. Eamon loved the movie. They saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 at the discount theater. His favorite parts included leeks and funny jokes involving leak versus leek. The other kiddos and I had a quick dinner and settled down to watch Aine's movie pick, Babes in Toyland. She and Benton loved it. I must admit that I read a bit of my book during the show. Although I often had to stop and look at the dancing and costumes based on Aine's directions.

Sunday came early again as we set out for the Amazing Arizona Comic convention. Dave and the kiddos loved the displays. Eamon found his favorite Marvel character, and Dave was able to see the creator of The Walking Dead as well as one of the cast members. Once home, Dave and Benton set out for their date day (a few days early). Based on Eamon's stellar reviews, Benton wanted to see the same movie. He also wanted the same dinner. The only difference was a request for donuts too. The rest of us took a quick walk and had a yummy dinner of roast lamb leg, sweet potatoes and salad followed up by some snuggling on the couch. This week looks a little less hectic, but then we move into our birthday season beginning with Aine's in just eight days!


  1. training a dog for ribbon winnings sounds like fun :) I bet he can't wait to use his dog. Great weekend and I love the idea of a date night. I used to take my kids out to lunch separately and it was fun.

    1. The kiddos love their date days. We try to have a date each month with them on or near their birthdays.