Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Strawberry starts for our yard
Just like the past few years, I chose a word to represent my intentions for 2014 (previous years: bloom and stretch). Bloom was perfect for 2013, which entailed flourishing wherever I landed. Last year I made sure I enjoyed the here and now. Our second time in Washington D.C. was full of more adventures and fun. I chose to focus on enjoying the time instead of worrying what would happen when we returned to Arizona. Once we did return, I tried to enjoy our extended stay with my parents while searching for a new home. I am glad we had that time and I know my kiddos very much enjoyed the time with their grandparents. In 2013 Dave and I worked to find a great house for us in Arizona, knowing we wouldn't be leaving the state any time in the near future. We found one and have begun transforming it into our home. Again blooming where we are planted. Creatively I tried something new. I wrote and submitted a few creative non-fiction pieces throughout the year. My work was even included in a couple issues of Kindred magazine as well as our local neighborhood mailer. My father's death later in the year was difficult, but it further reminded me to enjoy today. It was a great reminder to bloom, create and make everyday.

My choice for 2014 continues on the same theme as the past two years. Originally I thought my word for the year was immerse. I wanted to really focus on my surroundings - my family and my community.  However immerse sounded a bit off. As I thought more about it and even helped a friend with her word, I came upon a better word. This year my word is
I want to continue to root myself in my community. I want to continue making this house our home by working on our backyard-building garden boxes, getting laying hens, planting fruit trees, and building a treehouse. I want to make our home a place we love to be. I want to lay down our roots here. I want to keep focused on my family and children. I really want to do more with them everyday at home by utilizing morning and evening hours even when we are busy, and I am tired. I want to write more and create more. I want to root myself in my loves and continue to bloom.

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