Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gardening Update

While walking up and down the aisles at the home improvement store for treehouse supplies, I decided it was time to start on our garden boxes as well. With some online help, I head out by myself one morning to get the supplies. I originally intended to make just three boxes, but Dave convinced me to make six. In our climate, raised beds are not preferred, but rather many recommend sunken garden plots. Since we were not confident in our soil (nothing was growing in the yard and didn't look like it had for years), we decided to start with raised beds until our soil has been amended well.

With a drill, measuring tape, level, and screws I built the six boxes. Eamon helped a bit with the construction, holding pieces as I drilled. Once built I checked our local permaculture group for help finding a good soil mix. It was delivered the next day. I shoveled until I had filled the beds. The kiddos each helped with this part. Jasmine just helped dig and roll in the dirt. I have a plan for planting, but first we need to run a bit of irrigation to the boxes. I am excited for this next growing season. My winter garden in pots did not do so well.


  1. Your raised beds look great! Building is so much fun! -Carole

  2. I had great luck with our raised beds as soon as I had irrigation run to them - you will have a very productive season I am sure!

  3. Oh My Gosh. I'm SO IMPRESSED. When will you come on over and built mine?
    And is that a puppy?