Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Tree-less Treehouse

Before moving into this house, the kiddos made a list of things they wanted in their next home. The number one request was animals. Their desires ranged from snake to rabbit to cat to dog. Now that we have Jasmine in our home and no plans to add any more animals any time soon, it was time to move down the list. The next must-have was a treehouse. In December we began working on this request in earnest.

The first issue with our plan was our backyard. Our current backyard has no trees suitable for a swing let alone a treehouse. Dave started making some sketches and came up with an idea. He conferred with the kiddos, watched a lot of youtube videos and drew several iterations before arriving at the best design. Armed with his plan, we hit the home improvement store. Our first job was to dig six holes with an auger. The machine was very powerful, but at times the caliche in our soil was stronger. With Dave and me on the handles, we were jostled and spun around by the machine. Finally we had the holes. The kiddos helped Dave set the six poles for our platform. Soon we had cross beams and floor joists. The past few weekends, Dave has worked on the walls, sketching his design, heading to the store and putting them up with help from the the rest of us. In between our other commitments, the tree-less treehouse has taken form. We now have four walls. Dave is now researching the roof. In the meantime, we plan on building the railing and putting up planking on the outside of the walls. We are very excited, because soon it will be finished!


  1. what an awesome project! :)

  2. oh, your kids are going to have sooooo much fun!

  3. That looks fantastic, and FUN!