Monday, January 07, 2013


Last year I shared my word for the year with you. I chose stretch, and it applied so well to my year. I had to really stretch my level of comfort while living out of state for 6 months. I continued to stretch it when we returned and moved into my parents' home while we waited for Dave's promotional assignment. My creative abilities were pushed to new limits and I could feel myself growing out of my previous confines. The word continues to apply to my life as I try to expand my world view all the time and I will carry this word through the coming years.

2013 brings different thoughts though. While I will continue to stretch, I want more. However, I wasn't sure what my focus would be. I tossed a few words around in my head. I shared them with Dave, and he made suggestions. I sat with the idea and then I realized what my word had to be. This year my word of focus is b l o o m. It seems like such a fitting word for me right now. I want to make sure that wherever I am, my life is full. The idea of bloom where you are planted seems to apply. There is so much potential in this life that I want to make sure no minutes are lost. So, this year as we ready our family for another stay in Washington D.C. (much shorter this time), I am focusing on happiness, success and blooming right where I am. And to make sure I don't forget I found a bracelet to use as a reminder.

Did you focus your intentions for the year? Do you pick a word? If so what is yours?


  1. that is the perfect word! i love the whole idea of it. your word last year really got some use! there was a heck of alot o stretching or you last year. and that bracelet is a lovely reminder. i wrote a post about my word. :)

  2. Anonymous2:01 PM

    sounds like the perfect word. and i love that you want a full life - embrace it!!!

  3. What a great idea! Bloom sounds perfect!

  4. There are so many words that can be used to describe what I am wishing for this year.
    I love your world...bloom. That is just about perfect. :)

  5. Love your word Heather!
    My word for the 2013 is Embrace and
    that is exactly what I'm doing.

  6. Taking as page from your book, I have chosen the word Believe as my word for the year. I believe in: my children and their children and the wonderful people they are; in the work I have chosen to as my vocation in life; in myself as I enter into the end of my middle age years. Believe is such a good word for me for the year. Thanks Heather for the good idea of a word for the year. Love to you.