Monday, January 21, 2013



This weekend brought with it an extra day of fun. With Daddy home three days instead of two it felt like vacation. Saturday was spent with cousins. Eamon and Dave were out, so it was just Benton and Aine home to enjoy them. We played inside and eventually moved outdoors to scooters and bikes when the discord reached crisis proportions (much discussion about what is fair and how fair does not mean equal). Scrapped knees and arms ensued while scootering, so my mom and I decided a trip to the park was in order. With the youngest happy and content in a stroller, we made our way to the park. Racing down the hills and feats of strength on the rings and bars took up the most time. Eventually we had to head home and think about food and wonder when the other members of the family would return. A quick dinner of take-out pizza followed once everyone was back, because sometimes child minding and baby soothing takes more time than you think.

Sunday dawned with happy kiddos. I spent some time at my sewing machine mending pj pants, dresses and making a thing or two (oh, how I have missed sewing). The weather was gorgeous, so little time was spent indoors. Skates, scooters and bikes were the focus of the day. A new neighbor entered the mix and LEGOS were brought out to trade, sort and build. Dave fixed the back latch on the truck meticulously taking it apart and applying copious amounts of oil. It locks again-woo hoo! Aine and I headed out to run errands which included a trip to the library. Ostensibly we just went to pick up holds, but that turned into finding several bags of must reads. Home again to share the book pile with the boys who eagerly grabbed stacks to read. Next was dinner followed by ice cream all around and then a bit of Mythbusters before bed.

On to today which is just beginning to unfold. It promises much as we have time with friends planned at the park. Daddy is home too which is a bonus. Amidst the fun, we will listen to this speech and remember freedom is for everyone. Enjoy your Monday.


  1. I'd say you got off easy with a few scraped knees!!! You have some budding circus performers!!
    Enjoy the long weekend!!!

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    extra days are always nice - hope yours is a good one!

  3. I love long weekends especially when the weather is nice.
    So, what did you find at the library?
    Yes, here is to freedom for everyone!

    1. Mostly books for the kiddos. We spent our time in the children's section reading and looking for gems.