Friday, January 04, 2013

Where I've been...

Almost a month without a post here. Of course, we have been busy, but it has been more. Initially I was thrown by the events in Connecticut. How to return to this space with tales of our creations and adventures with such sadness overshadowing the world? I wondered how such a thing could happen. Why children? What went wrong? How did we as a society fail? Is it guns? Is it mental health? It just seemed to be too much. So, I held my babes close, and we lived each day embracing our amazing life. Then it became more. We were busy. I was busy. Being present was the foremost thought in my mind. So, I stayed away. I wasn't sure how to return and plus, we were having so much fun.

We continued to make gifts for those close to us. We ventured into the making of salves and lip balm. I knit a last minute small animal gift for my youngest nephew, who has a penchant for putting things in his mouth (I realized the already wrapped watercolor peg people would not be good for him. I figured his parents would not like finding him with a stained mouth and tongue even if I assured them the products were non-toxic!). Aine made pipe-cleaner jewelry and other amazing gifts, while Eamon practiced and performed a dance as his gift.

We spent a lot of time with friends too. Eamon taught a Japanese marbling class to a small homeschooling group of friends. We celebrated Solstice with our homeschooling community. Our large group gathered to share gifts of the heart with one another in a festive celebration of gift-giving, food and laughter.

Our family welcomed a new nephew/cousin into the mix and heard tales of a new niece to arrive later this year. We tried capturing a multi-generational photo much to the disapproval of the three year old in the group. We went on a hike and took many bike rides. And we had, to quote my children, "the best Christmas ever." (more on that later!)

So now the New Year is upon our family, and we have many more adventures ahead. I am not sure where this year will take us, but I know we will be together enjoying one another and carving our path with laughter and fun.

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  1. sounds perfect! Wish you guys lived closer. I think we'd enjoy hanging out together... And that smile from the little elf in the green stripes!! So cute.