Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lemon Season

While enjoying the snowy weather up north, I had plenty of time to knit. One project that I started was a veggie bag. I had a single skein of linen from Claudia Handpainted yarn in the poppy colorway that was begging to be used. The Ilene bag seemed like a perfect fit. The knitting went very quickly, and I finished the bag once we arrived home. The timing on this knit was perfect as the lemons here are beginning to ripen and are ready to be picked.

With bag in hand, I headed outside to grab some fruit off the tree. Lemons are not my favorite food, but with an overabundance this time of year you have to adapt. I grabbed a few particularly ripe ones from the tree. Aine and Benton helped me find just the right ones. I was amazed at how much this bag would hold. My arm got tired before the bag was full!

We now have plans to make some lemonade and lemon curd tomorrow. I will probably brew some lemon and ginger tea with a smidge of honey for our breakfast in the morning. Then we may pick up some fish at the farmers market to be flavored with lemon wedges. Lemon cookies will round up the day's menu. As you can see, although they are not my favorite, lemons are quite popular around my home this time of year.


  1. oh i just LOVE lemons. lemon cookies, lemonade, lemon in tea. i am coming to your place! lol

  2. Love the bag Heather and I want your lemon tree.
    When we lived in Yuma we had a huge lemon tree growing
    in the back yard and used lemons all the time. I really
    need to see about planting one here, we can grow oranges
    so why not lemons?

  3. Love the veggie bag! My Mom had two when we were growing up and took it to the store every time we went. I keep meaning to get around to making some...

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    sweet! our neighbor's tree has been loaded with lemons and she's been very generous ;-)

  5. Heather, that bag is beautiful! I have no bags like this. I tried to make some from t-shirts but they were not the same. With so many citrus trees on my property now, I want to make one.