Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Accumulating Gear

With our departure for Washington D.C. imminent (think tomorrow), I have been furiously knitting warm woolens for my family. I finished off a batch of Duffer slippers for us this weekend. Of course, mine came out a wee bit too small, when I became a bit overzealous with the whole felting process. (Now my mom has a cozy pair of slippers. I think she was quite pleased with my error). Next up has been mittens.

Everyone has coats and gloves. wool socks. hats. long underwear. even brand new knitted legwarmers. but no mittens. When this oversight was pointed out, I resisted a bit. Wouldn't warm, waterproof gloves be sufficient? Nope. There had to be mittens. So, out came the skein remaining after Aine's emergency snow trip hat. Using this easy pattern, I cast on and last night finished her pair. Perfect. Today I plan to work on a cabled pair for me to match my bright orange hat. Then onto the boys' matchy mittens.

And then finally I will be back to my Leaves of Grass blanket. Lots of knitting has been happening, but it is all necessary knitting. This is a foreign concept living in the land of sunshine. Trying to use wool to keep warm doesn't happen often here, but I think it will in Virginia.

I finished up Joy For Beginners which was recommended in the comments on Alicia's blog this week. Laying around in bed provides ample reading time. It was light and full of inspiration to live fully and do something that pushes your comfort often. Fortunately I also had the inaugural issue of Kindred to keep me company. If you don't know Amanda already, check out her blog and beautiful words. Kindred is full of such beauty and feeling among its pages. I recommend it. I even plan on submitting a piece for the next issue.

So what is everyone knitting? Is anyone else trying to keep warm?


  1. heather, i like the mittens in multicolored yarn - very nice :) my girls would like that. just finishing up katherine's mittens. maybe she can use them when camping. we will miss you all a lot! happy knitting in the car!

  2. I had forgotten you were headed east again, will this trip be for awhile? My nephew is getting married in May and I am headed that way.

  3. your mittens look great. i loved knitting up the mittens i made for people this christmas, seriously a one day project. so rewarding. :) of course no one wears the mittens i made, hopefully your kids will enjoy the awesome warmness of a good pair of woolen mittens. :)

  4. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I love the bright colors of your yarns - so cheery.
    Hope you have a safe trip!

  5. i hope your back is better heather! i just got in on the second printing of kindred, it looks lovely.

  6. Anonymous3:53 PM

    awww! i love seeing kindred up there and am tickled pink to hear that you're considering submitting - *happy dance*

  7. Wow! I'll say a lot of knitting has been happening. Have fun and stay warm (oh, but you will with all those knits :)

  8. How's your back doing? I'm impressed by all the knitting while you've been nursing back to health! I have mittens to do - you're encouraging me with your cast on and off in one evening...though I suspect I'm not quite that kind of speed knitter. ;)

    Wishing you safe travels! xoxo

  9. chroma knit up so well in those mittens!!! love the subtle color changes.

    can't believe you are so organized that you can take photos, post, and be moving in the morning!!! will be thinking about you and your trek east. Safe travels!!!

  10. I love mitten knitting! And despite insulated handwear being available, I have to agree, knitted mittens are so much better. ;)

    Safe travels!