Friday, February 10, 2006

Genetic Deficiencies

Well, it appears that the kids have a genetic deficiency. Neither one has an innate sense to stay away from cacti. Eamon has had three forays with the prickly pear in the backyard. Now Aine is making her name. Eamon, Aine & I were at my friend Michelle's house. Michelle and I were working on washing some wool I received from Freecycle. I had moved Aine away from the HUGE prickly pear once and steered here to a better spot to explore. Well, she found her way back. I looked up from our work and saw her glancing up at the cactus. Then before I could move, she reached out her hand and rested her palm on the trunk. UGH!!! I swooped over and grabbed her. Her little hand was covered with spines. Oh, she howled while Michelle and I tried to get them out - tape, bath, tweezers. We were able to get the majority out of her hand. Phew!! She regained her smile and went back to playing. Hopefully she learns faster than her big brother. I ca only handle so much of this!!


  1. Didn't Dave have the same problem not too long ago with a cactus??? Maybe they get it from him!!!

  2. I hate to tell you this but when I was a little girl I had a "jumping cactus" jump onto my left foot - I still have scars to this day!! :-)