Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On a Quest

Today we set out to find our tree for the holidays.  This is our second year obtaining a permit to cut a tree.  With permit in hand, we set out.  We left a bit later than we wanted, but Dave did a bit of initial detective work on our area.  He had a few coordinates for the perfect spot.

After driving for a couple hours, we pulled over at an observation area to look around the landscape.  The forest service was conducting a planned burn in the area, so we wanted to see if we could locate it.

We took a family photo,

made faces on the trees with snow,

 threw some snowballs,

and ran around the area.

After leaving the overlook area, we began to search in earnest.  This year our tree was a bit elusive.  We suffered from cold hands after building snow figures and throwing snowballs.  Our feet were cold, and we just were not up for the hunt.  We did capture a beautiful sunset and vowed to come back next week.

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  1. Awesome pictures!!! So glad you're blogging again!!! I miss reading about your adventures and your perspective on the world!!