Saturday, December 04, 2010

She loves it

Aine has been growing her hair for quite a while now.  Her desire for long locks stemmed from strangers' comments on her short pixie cut.  She did not like being mistaken for a boy with short hair.  She had expressed an interest in having hair down past her bum.  Recently this changed.  It may have been precipitated by a bit of hair pulling, but I am not sure.  Suddenly Aine wanted her hair cut, and she was specific in the length.  She want hair to the base of her neck.  With little haste, I grabbed the scissors and crafted a new 'do for her.  She is pleased as punch.  Quickly she bathed and had her hair blown dry.  She then pranced out to show her brothers and daddy.  Everyone showered her with compliments on her haircut.  She asked them is she didn't look like Kitt Kittredge.

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