Friday, December 10, 2010


After Girl Scouts today, we headed north again in search of the perfect tree. We ended up parking at the same spot as last time. Friends of ours had driven to the same locale and garnered themselves a winner.

We headed out and spotted a previously dismissed tree.  We considered it in case we didn't find a better one.  We hiked around gathering sticks, pinecones, moss and other interesting botanical specimens.  We spotted animal tracks as well.  The weather was beautiful.  No one complained of cold and everyone had a grand time.

Again the perfect tree was elusive.  We hemmed and hawed until finally realizing the one we saw first was our tree.  We hiked back near the car, cut our tree, loaded it onto the car and headed home.

It is now standing in the garage to air before bringing it inside.  Eamon commented that it is much bigger than when we spotted it in the woods.  He had originally thought it a bit small and has now reconsidered his assessment.

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