Sunday, December 19, 2010

Little Monster

During the summer, my sister in law asked if I would make her son a pair of monster longies.  She really liked a pair she saw.  I agreed on the condition that it would be his present for Christmas.   I was working on several projects at the time and honestly wanted to push it off for a bit.

Although, I have made numerous pairs of longies in my cloth diapering days, I searched Ravelry for a pattern that incorporated a monster grin.  I found one and was delighted to see that the smile was accomplished through short row shaping and the eyes and teeth were merely duplicate stitch.   Yarn was easy as she didn't want them to serve as a diaper cover.  The project was a quick knit.  He is only 6 months old which helps.

I am very pleased with the result.  My duplicate stitches could use some work, but all in all I like the result. I hope he (or at least his parents) loves them.

Project info can be found here: Gus is a Monster Longies

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  1. The moster britches have been the biggest hit everywhere we go! I had them on him at my recent MOMS Club playdate and everyone was asking where they could buy them!! Heather-- you are so awesome and we love them so much!!!