Monday, March 12, 2012

The Goat Farm

Our homeschooling group arranged a tour of a local goat farm. The farm is situated on several acres in Gilbert. We were shown chickens, pigs and of course goats.
Many of the breeds on the farm are heritage. The colors and markings on the animals were truly beautiful. This particular rooster received quite a bit of attention. Granted the pigs were a crowd pleaser too, but it was more for their bodily functions! 
Turkey feathers were gathered and proudly displayed as we walked throughout the property. The turkeys were not present when we toured. They had been sold the week prior. The kiddos noticed the difference between those feathers closer to the body and those on the outside.
Kids were plentiful in the goat area of the farm. Many were seen nursing with their mama goats. Several were brought closer to pet and examine. The farm owner and her daughter answered questions about the goat's eyes, lack of horns, udders and everything else you could imagine. The owner shared her history with us, and it was so very interesting. She had lived in the same house as a child. It had been sold and she bought it back from that owner nine years ago. With a profound love of goats, she has included them in her life since she was 14. She truly lives her passion.
After hanging out with the goats for some time, we settled in for some goat milk cheese and ice cream. With crackers and goat cheese in hand, everyone watched as the ingredients were mixed. Each child took a turn on the hand crank. They were amazed at how tough it was to crank and how long the process was. The result was delicious ice cream. Many wanted seconds! However all that was left was a bowl of eggs and an empty milk container.


  1. I think farming is one of the best things a child can learn about, and one of the things that children also seem to find most fascinating. It's so important that kids not even know, but care about animals and the way that they are farmed. It's sad that most animals we eat don't have the luxury of being cared for this way!

  2. How fun! I love how children love animals! I want a milk goat so bad, but my huband worries about me having another animal to take care of...I say what's one more?!

  3. I think goats have always been my favorite farm animal (sheep being a very close second). What a neat trip!