Sunday, March 25, 2012

These Days

Amidst the boxes and a new bit of uncertainty (including a possible change of plans), these days we are loving:

* playing Pokemon with one another. With a little tutelage, I am playing too. I even have my own deck.
* these cards. They utilize the Pokemon model, but deal with the natural world (think Kingdom, Phyllum, Genus). I found out about them on this site which is full of great science fun for children. Roberta also has a few other science and literary blogs. I get a lot of non-fiction book ideas from her.
* the Holden shawl that I finished several weeks ago. I washed and blocked all our woolens before packing, since little pests love dirty wool. The Holden shawlette was included in the soak. I like how it turned out, but I don't love it on me. It deserves to be loved, so I will add it to my gift-giving basket.
* a little time to knit. I have found a few moments here and there to knit the body of my Bedford pullover. Despite my most convincing efforts, it was deemed too short by everyone I asked, so I had to knit several more inches. I vow to start the sleeves today.
* all the space in our play area and the small selection of toys. I firmly believe that less is so much more when it comes to stuff. Even with what I consider a smaller amount of toys, getting rid of most of them makes playing with what is left so much fun.
* time spent with friends at the robotic competition. Eamon loved his outing to watch the big brother of one of his buddies compete. It was similar to a sporting event with costuming, cheering and major crowd participation. (The older brother's team made it to the finals, but was eliminated).
* friends who offer diversions each day for our family as well as invite the kiddos over to play.
* one more day of the weekend to spend together.

What are you loving today? Do you have any grand plans for the upcoming week?


  1. the shawl turned out so lovely. :)
    what am i loving? this amazing weather. and having such a great time with mike the last couple days. and our new GIANT sleeping space, love not getting kicked all night!

  2. I believe that less is more too when it comes to stuff, but I married a man who loves to hold on to everything! Last time I had to wait for him to be out of town a few weeks then I cleaned out! I really need to do that again.
    Your shawl is beautiful! I agree, gift it so it can be loved; at least you had the enjoyment of knitting it!
    Today I am loving the process of preparing for a birthday celebration at my home with family and friends, it should be fun.

  3. Love your shawl!!! Both of my still have ALL of their pokemon cards sometimes they go through them. I am impressed you have your own deck-you must be a pokemon master :)

  4. I am intrigued by your first sentence. Also, I'm going to look into those biology cards.

  5. I'm loving the picture of Eamon. It made me smile. :-)

  6. the shawl is beautiful! i am loving getting ready for Easter and the still cool mornings and evenings.

  7. love the phylo cards!!! these will come in handy this summer with my nature loving kids.

  8. Beautiful shawl... someone will enjoy it, I am sure!
    That yellow "hair" is too funny!! Sounds like a fun time there, too.

    Today, I am loving that my tulips are finally about to open. Soooo close.
    This week's, baseball, and more baseball. But loving every minute of it!

    Enjoy your week! Boxes and all!!