Thursday, April 19, 2012

Busy Fingers

Several days in a moving vehicle can yield quite a lot of knitting. Of course, not as much as this knitter's mind thought. In anticipation of our trip and extended stay, I packed a whole lot of yarn including my three WIPs. The squishy sweater and two pairs of socks resided in the front seat basket crowding my feet and making my husband question my sanity. He does not understand how I could possibly sit in such a cramped manner for hours. I tell him I must have something to occupy me while he drives. What if he decides not to stop and I don't have anything to do! It could happen.

The rest of the yarn and patterns were buried in the back of the car underneath too many clothes and other must haves. The other bag was there though, in case I needed it. I thought I would have at least one FO by the time the trip concluded. I forget that my hands get tired, my attention wanders, and I have a few passengers to entertain. Fortunately I did accomplish a few things. The sleeves for the sweater were started and finished. They have been happily joined with the sweater body and the decreases have begun. I remember how quickly the kiddos' sweaters went at this point, so I am hoping to have a sweater finished soon. The purple socks now have a heel and the confetti eggs have toes.

I even had a few moments while visiting my sister in law and her family for knitting. Our car repair saga continued, and it required a day in the service center. With kiddos who love the outdoors, it was easy to grab my knitting and watch as they bounced, explored and laughed a whole lot.
The reading this week has been confined to mostly audiobooks. I did grab a few moments here and there to read pages from A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. Another futuristic dystopian novel. It is good though. Our audiobooks included an E.B. White marathon as well as a few others I had borrowed from the library. My kiddos enjoy audiobooks as much as I do, so it makes travel enjoyable.

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