Thursday, April 26, 2012

Turning it Around

To celebrate his birthday, Eamon wanted to go to the aquarium. Dave mentioned wanting to go as well, so we decided to save that trip for the weekend. Instead of the aquarium on his actual birthday, he settled on a trip to the zoo. He especially wanted to check out the invertebrates.

After a very early wake up for him, we waited for the other kiddos to awaken. Once up, breakfasted and dressed, we took off for the metro. Eamon did not eat any breakfast and decided mid-morning that he didn't want to go to the zoo. We talked about checking it out and leaving if it was horrible. Nope. He wanted to eat out and stay home. Since we had already decided on our adventure we forged ahead.
Eamon was grumpy. He was curt with his grandparents when they each called to wish him a happy birthday. I offered food from my bag, but he didn't want any. A dark cloud had settled over his person, and he didn't want to shake it.
The day was not proceeding as planned. After making a bathroom break, we regrouped. I asked what was really the problem, and he explained that he wanted to go out for breakfast. He was hungry. His head also hurt, since while I was in the bathroom he fell off the railing. I again offered what food we had. He begrudgingly took half a sandwich. I gave him a big hug and held him.
Only you can turn this day around. Are you wanting to do that? Or should we go home?
With a sigh and a sniffle, he stood up and said he wanted to go a bit further, so Aine could see the pandas.  We saw a popcorn vendor. Scrounging in the bottom of my bag, I found some money, and we bought a bucket (D.C. note to self - carry cash). 
Walking through the Asian Trail the day turned around. With popcorn in his belly, Eamon became a totally new person. Aine spotted the Giant Panda rolling in the back of the enclosure. We stood and watched it for a bit, jumping between rocks and finishing the popcorn. Eamon started laughing and joking again. 
As we left the trail, I asked if he was ready to go home. Nope. This is the best time. Alright then. 

We meandered through the next few exhibits and animal houses. Benton played in the misters. I was amazed at how many people hollered at their children to get out of the water. It was only misting water. It dries. The kids were having so much fun - laughing and giggling. Benton was oblivious to it all as he focused on catching water in his bucket.
We grabbed a bit more to eat and were able to view the octopus during feeding time. We sat amid a room of butterflies and marveled at the anatomy of an Elephant Shrew. The rest of the zoo was saved for a later day since little legs were tired and mama's shoulders could not carry him further.
A quick ride home on the metro found Dave waiting for us. Eamon wanted Noodle and Co for dinner. His main driving factor was the super cool soda machine. It has a bazillion choices on a touch screen. He really wanted to check it out, and it WAS his birthday. A stop at the candy store on the walk back was followed by cake at home. Return calls were made to family that called during the black cloud crisis. 
Much better spirits as the day ended. A tumultuous start ended quite well. Welcome nine! I know it will be great.


  1. So glad he enjoyed his birthday in the end! It's amazing what food will do with a mood. Happy birthday!

  2. so glad he was able to push that black cloud away and enjoy his day! and you, i love the way you handled, letting him know it was his decision...such an important lesson to learn!

  3. I love the phone call that I had with him during the black cloud. It was so sad, but sweet at the same time. He is such a sweet boy... I was delighted at the Face Time call later in the evening. It was like a double-dose of Eamon and it was fabulous! <3

  4. Looks like it turned out to be a great day. All's well that ends well. I love that you didn't fuss about playing with the misters.

  5. Those are difficult feelings to fight sometimes - especially on an empty stomach. I'm glad he turned it around. You handled it so well, mama!

    Happy Birthday, Eamon! I love your t-shirt!!

  6. Whew! I'm glad to hear Eamon's day was turned around!