Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Tadpole

For the past two years, Eamon and Aine have taken swimming lessons during the spring and participated in our city's swim team during the summer. Their strokes have improved greatly. Eamon's coach mentioned that he has a really strong butterfly which is competition worthy. Right now we just want them to have fun and swim. They love it. Aine enjoys sitting with the team and watching the older girls (she is a budding anthropologist). Eamon likes being a jokester with the coaches and other kids. They could not wait for lessons to begin this spring. The only thing about our upcoming trip that worries them is missing swim team. Both are in their element in the water.

Meanwhile, Benton has been sitting and watching. He has helped Dave record times during meets. He sits and plays during practices and lessons. He has been very patient while the other two swim. Last year he did not want to take lessons. Fortunately we are getting smarter and asked first. So he didn't take lessons. He swam a lot in our neighborhood pool. He could almost swim independently by the end of the season. He just needed a little work figuring out breathing.

This year when it was time to register for lessons, I asked if he was interested. He answered with a resounding, "YES"! He wanted to go now. He donned his suit and goggles and was ready. Undeterred by the start of lessons in several weeks, he petitioned for a trip to our pool. He jumped into the water despite the temperature. He wanted to swim. It seems that water is his element too.

So he waited for lessons. When he awoke on the first day of classes, he immediately put on his suit. He was a bit unnerved that we had hours to go before his evening lesson, but a day at the park helped the hours pass. I wasn't sure how he would handle lessons, but I should not have wasted those thoughts. Benton strode over to his instructor and told him he was ready. He was. Benton has spent each lesson with his head under water doing whatever he is told. While other children in his class grip the wall or cry, he jumps, glides and swims, water dripping off his huge smile. He loves it. He cannot wait for our class days. He has joined the upper ranks of swimmer, and he couldn't be happier. Now all three talk of swim team together, and they all smile.
(I had a super cute photo of Benton but it appears to have been lost in my iPhoto struggles. Sigh)


  1. that is so great. :) i love it when kids find a thing they love.

  2. We're beginning swim lessons again here, too.