Monday, November 26, 2012

Being Grateful

We spent the last several days enjoying time together and great food.
* Thoughts of gratitude and thanks adorned a wreath crafted by me and the kiddos
* Dave mastered the turkey and presented a delicious main course
* Everyone helped in the kitchen. Eamon helped make pie with Grandma while Benton and Aine made the deviled eggs
* The table was set with fewer plates, but the energy was still big
* Granddad shared his love of the game, Euchre. The kiddos were easily taught and played endlessly. Every evening now consists of the game or entreaties to play.
* Lights were removed from the artificial tree due to outages and replaced with new strands. Eamon misses our real tree, but this year Grandma and Granddad's artificial one will have to do.
* Pledges to never buy a pre-lit tree were muttered after removing the copious strands of lights.
* Ornaments were hung and memories surfaced.
* Peppermint ice cream graced everyone's plates after a scrumptious dinner of turkey soup

All in all it was a good weekend spent together. We look forward to more togetherness during this holiday season.


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    it all sounds so good! i especially love the sound of turkey soup followed by peppermint ice cream :)

  2. :) is that B's grateful leaf that says "my daddy"? so sweet. <3

  3. Love seeing all your babies around the table, they are really growing!
    I wouldn't mind a bowl of peppermint ice cream myself!;)

  4. Love the wreath and my Mom always has peppermint ice cream this time of year.

  5. It's the shared time together that's the best part of the's what I look froward to more than anything else.
    Glad you had a good one.