Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cousins, and that Rope

Earlier in the week while Benton had an appointment, the older kiddos spent some time with their aunt and cousins. Benton was very disappointed and mentioned that they get all the fun. His initial disappointment was allayed when we returned and spent the rest of the afternoon playing and dining with them. It was a delight to watch them interact. Each is getting older and the dynamics are ever changing.

Bikes, scooters and the skateboard were pulled out of the car. Laps were done. Rollerblades were donned and help was provided. Of course, the rope was also retrieved from the car, and much hilarity ensued. The kiddos worked on tying the rope to each other and the skateboard. They would run as fast as possible pulling their victim cousin along for a speedy ride often ending in a crash into a curb. This combination of pulled and pulley involved the bikes, skateboard and even the rollerblades. Each walked away with the knowledge that if you don't like the speed instead of screaming for the puller to slow down, just let go of the rope! No one was hurt and the laughter was infectious.

Wheeled vehicles were eventually cast aside for more of the rope. After climbing the nearby trees, Eamon and Aine decided it would be great fun to tie the rope between two. They worked on either end tying grand knots. Eamon was the first to attempt the tightrope holding tightly onto the branches swaying above his head. He didn't progress very far the first time and his cries for help were a bit comical since he was only a couple feet off the ground. Each of the kiddos and their cousins took turns. Comments about monkey toes abounded. Soon the play turned to hanging from the rope and attempting to cross that way. Amidst all this fun, the sprinklers came on and children and mamas went running!

With water spraying, the children began running and dancing throughout the grass. They yelled and sang as they played in the water. Holding hands and running through the spray elicited such happiness. They enjoyed the moment and the spraying water as temperatures hovered near 80 on this fine fall day. It was such a fun time with their cousins. I am glad that they know and love these people and have them nearby to play with often.


  1. :) such great pictures.

  2. What great pictures! What fun!

    sandy toe

  3. and not a single electronic gizmo in sight!!! This is what being a kid is all about!!!!

  4. love the rope and cousins are the best!

  5. Wow it looks like you're having amazing weather...hope it lasts for you. Happy holiday.

  6. Sounds like a really fun day! Makes me want to be a kid again.