Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tree

The kiddos and I helped my mom and dad put up their Christmas tree this past weekend. It was a crazy event at first. Half the lights on their pre-lit tree were not working. After a lot of hemming and hawing, my dad decided they needed to come off. The next several hours were spent removing the many strands of lights. Despite the use of wire cutters and other tools, the kiddos lost interest early.

Finally the lights were restrung and the hanging of ornaments could begin. Aine selected her favorites and only wanted to hang those. 
Benton wanted to hang the ornaments on the tippy top placing a stool upon a chair to achieve this.

Eamon decided to install new batteries in the electrical ones and was puzzled when they did not quite work.

Despite these very specific individual goals, everyone helped and decorated the tree while Dave arranged holiday music for us. It was very interesting showing my kiddos the ornaments from my childhood. They particularly liked the plastic lid decorated with red felt and my school. I think I made it when I was in first grade. I recalled the favorites of my childhood and told the kiddos of my holiday memories. They shared what they liked most and mentioned wishing they had their special ornaments. We all decided that although it is a different tree, it is our tree this year. And it is a good one.


  1. It's a beautiful tree Heather.
    I haven't put ours up yet, maybe this weekend.
    As the boys have gotten older they aren't so interested in decorating the tree, but I still make everyone hang at least one ornament.

  2. i miss not putting up a tree this year. i have alot of ornaments from my own childhood with me (when i got married my parents gave me all of mine). so strange this year not putting them all up.
    kids are always a hoot when it comes to decorating.

  3. Sweet. At moment Katherine has turned a small table upside down to decorate as a tree for her babies. We will not put up tree until about 5 days before Christmas in new house. Interesting the ways in which they make do!

  4. I just love all those memories you were able to share with your littles.....and you are making new ones for them this year, too. I love the black and white photos.