Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding the Magical in the Everyday

With picnic in hand, we headed out early for our Pokemon Club. The weather has been beautiful, and I thought a bit of running around would be good before the meeting. I also had three new sketchbooks for the kiddos and official drawing pencils. After gobbling up some food, I suggested they each take a sketchbook and look for blobs (again inspired by mama scout!). At first they were a bit reticent. Eamon just wanted to draw. Aine was unsure until I showed her what I meant. I explained we would turn these outline drawings into our own pictures once we returned home. Their initial hesitation soon dissolved and each of us were looking around for amazing outlines. They found some great images amid the cracks, olive stains, sand, and natural markings. Each was thinking about the magical forms and outlines hidden within plain site. This week we will take those outlines and create new pictures from their imaginations. I am eager to see what evolves.


  1. i have never seen that blog. what a great idea. ok, now i must get note books!

  2. Great idea and how nice they each had their own book and could be free on what they drew in it. Love the stripey tights!!

  3. what a lovely idea...thanks for introducing us to two new blogs too.