Monday, November 05, 2012

Friends and Family

It was a weekend full of friends, family and each other.
* I joined in a walk along side my good friends to support one of us and her teenage (wow!) son as they live, learn and love with epilepsy.
* Later an evening walk with the family. Two on scooters and one on a bike zipping and zooming along the bike path as the adults relished a few moments for talking. Everyone perfected pull-ups, flips, jumps and stretches at each of the exercise stops. The weather is cooling off and the evening was beautiful.
* Early morning decorating in recognition of a milestone birthday. Thirty two balloons were blown up and hung along with streamers and signs.
* Boisterous play with siblings and cousins filled the air. Forts were assembled, costumes were donned, wildflowers were planted and minecraft was played.
* A baby was cuddled and held as she slept making up for the time I missed when she was born. She is getting so big so fast, but is just so precious right now.
* Dave made the delicious meal. Leftovers were few. A rousing chorus of Happy Birthday was sung to the delight of all.
*The evening ended with a talent show complete with the Hokey Pokey led by the birthday girl.

It was a good weekend.


  1. :) what a great weekend.

  2. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend!!! What fun!! and happy birthday!

  3. happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely weekend and balloons are so festive and fun-it's been years since they've been in our house!

    1. It was actually my mom's birthday. She and I both had big birthdays this year - 40 and 65.

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    love your weekend full of family and friends and love and connections!

  5. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! I love the sleeping baby <3

  6. Sound like it really was a good weekend Heather what lovely photos. It all looks jolly and so much fun. That cake looks amazing.

    Your walk was for a really good that's close to our hearts. Our friends lost their grown up daughter (24) last year from SUDEP whilst showering...sadly no one was around at the time. Apparently with an adjustment to her medication she would have been fine.

    Happy birthday for yours...sorry I missed it.

  7. sounds wonderful!

  8. So happy that you were a part of my day and I was a part of yours! Your support all these years has meant a lot to me.