Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Little Knitting

Bond Street 
Halloweeny Socks
I didn't knit much this summer. I just didn't feel like picking up the needles. Initially I wasn't sure what to make. Then I realized my list of knit-worthy gift recipients is shrinking, and I have enough wool sweaters and socks for my climate. I just lost my mojo. One night I was traipsing through the inter-webs and arrived at ravelry. Inspired I decided to cast on a new project. A few weeks later and my knitting resolve has returned. I finished up the Bond Street Shawl and quickly cast on for a pair of autumnal socks. I finished the first sock in four days. The second is taking a bit longer, but it soon will be off the needles. My list of "want to knit" is quickly growing. First, since I cannot resist a mystery knit along, I am again playing along with Stephen West and his mystery shawl. After that I am not sure. I have a few shawls queued, a stocking to finish, and I think we just may need new hats.

And since I haven't played in a bit with Ginny and her Yarn Along, I may as well include my reading. My reading has been eclectic. I finished Anatomy of a Misfit. It was part of a group read here in Arizona. I found it a bit lacking even taking into account the YA label. I have a pile of books to read next. I started The Sea as well as March. I am not usually one to read multiple books at once, but I didn't have my current read while out and had to substitute. The kiddos and I are also reading When You Reach Me together. It is for our boo group. We only have about 40 more pages to go. They really like how it references A Wrinkle in Time. I am curious to see how it ends.


  1. Hi Heather, I hope all is well in your world. Boy, when your knitting mojo returned it returned with some lovely projects. Your Bond Street Shawl is beautiful and so is the sock.
    I'm so happy to see you back in this space :)

  2. Beautiful work as always Heather, I miss you!