Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Socks?

So much for finishing those orange socks last week. I set the second sock aside at the heel turn for something more glamorous. I cast on for the new Stephen West mystery shawl. I am almost done with the second clue. I really like how the shawl is progressing. I am eager to see what happens with clue 3. I know Stephen likes texture and the unexpected, so it should be interesting.

Since the Yarn Along includes reading, I should be honest there too. We finished our read aloud, When You Reach Me, for the kiddos' book club. We really enjoyed it and will meet later this week to discuss it with our friends. Yesterday a friend loaned me All the Light We Cannot See, which I am eager to start. She really enjoyed the book, and it has been recommended by quite a few people online. First, I "should" finish the other books I have started. Or perhaps like my knitting, I may be pulled away from what is in front of me for something a bit more alluring.


  1. It looks great so far. That one seems to be a nice mystery KAL. I am always so hesitant to join in fear of the "mystery". Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  2. like donna, i'm usually afraid of the mystery part of a knitalong, although i did one last year that I loved (LOVED!).....hope this takes you in the mysterious direction you hope for!!!!!

  3. You are really moving along quickly on your mystery shawl. I have been knitting heel flaps today which is the fun part for me.
    I keep hearing about All the Light We Cannot See and it's all good, enjoy.

  4. Looks like the start of something beautiful! Cannot wait to see the finished project :)