Thursday, November 06, 2014

Firsts...and Lasts

Benton lost his first tooth on Tuesday. It has been wiggly for weeks. I think he was a bit nervous about the whole process. He stopped brushing his teeth for a few days, because he was afraid he would hurt his tooth. We quickly set his worries aside. His big sister pulled two of her teeth one day last weekend, and his resolve was bolstered. While playing at the park, it just "fell out" of his mouth. He was ecstatic. The tooth fairy visited on time for this tooth, which only increased his excitement (our tooth fairy has been known to be super busy and overlook our family's teeth). It is a bittersweet loss, this one. He is my youngest baby, and although this is his first lost tooth, I know it is another first that is my last.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Benton, that is one great smile.
    Emerson just lost her second tooth, one of the top front ones, and my
    daughter sent me a photo. Time goes by so quickly.
    PS- the tooth fairy use to be very busy when my babies lost teeth too, she has
    just too much to do ;)
    Have a great weekend.