Saturday, November 01, 2014

Hitting the Streets

Halloween was full of festivities and fun this year. We had our annual park day celebration earlier in the week complete with donuts on string. If you have never watched someone try to eat food from a string as it swings through the air, you really should. It was hilarious. The kiddos all tried so hard and worked for a long time on their donuts. Their techniques were so varied and ingenious. After the food frenzy, a few made owl pinecones, while others just ran around with friends. One of Eamon's friends took the top picture as they roamed the park. His mom found it on her camera along with photos of a whole host of random things. I think it came out so well.

Friday morning the kiddos woke up and immediately set to carve their pumpkins. Although we would love to carve them earlier, we have learned that with our heat, the pumpkins will rot before Halloween. This year each of the kiddos did their own carving. First they drew the design they wanted. I cut the tops for seed removal. Once the pumpkins were cleaned, each carved his own shapes even Benton.

Friday night we had friends join us for a potluck before hitting the streets to trick or treat. My youngest brother and his family joined us as well. The kiddos thought it was fantastic to have their cousins and friends with them. For costumes we hit the thrift shop a few weeks ago. Each had a definite idea about what they wanted to be. Eamon initially thought the headless horseman would be fantastic. His costume mock-up included a real carved pumpkin on his head. While shopping, he decided the logistics of a pumpkin on his head were flawed. It would be hot, smelly and heavy. His plan shifted to a steampunk character when he discovered a top hat. Aine knew all along that she wanted to be a cowgirl. After assembling her costume, we decided she was more of the strong arm of the law. Benton was a puppy until he chatted with his friend. When he discovered that she was going to be a ninja, he changed his mind.

The kiddos braved the neighborhood haunted house and trick or treated at most of the homes. We ended our walk at one of our friend's home enjoying popcorn and chili with one of their neighbors. We walked home with the cousins and discovered our candy bowl was not empty. The kiddos quickly divided what was left. It was a really nice night.

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