Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Al Fresco

With our usual Tuesday night activities cancelled in recognition of Veterans' Day, a friend suggested a trip to the movies. The drive-in movies to be exact. After a full day of playing with their cousins, the kiddos piled into the car for their first movie al fresco. Dave and I cleaned out the back area, removing the third row seating, and threw in some blankets and pillows. The drive over went quickly, but waiting in the line to pay was arduous. Our friends were in the line beside us, inching just as slowly ahead. We could see the screens and soon figured out which was ours. The kiddos maneuvered in their seats to see the screen, complaining if our shift in line changed their view. Dave scanned the radio stations and found the right one. They were amazed that we could hear the words to the movie IN THE CAR! Finally we paid and pulled up alongside a few of our friends. Chairs were pulled out, popcorn shared, and interior lights dimmed. We all settled in for the movie. The kiddos loved it, occasionally hopping from one vehicle to the next. As the credits rolled, everyone agreed that we must go again. We made plans to see a double feature next time. For now, this one was just enough.

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